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Wednesday 7 December 2022 Hampshire FA Walking Football Tournament


Winchester were in La Liga and played five matches of 14 minute games without halftime intervals.

Fiona Willsher scored the only goal of the game as we defeated Salisbury and this was followed by a goalless draw with Pompey. Richard Walker scored against Raiders as the match finished 1-1.

Compton took a 2-0 lead before Ian Dowson pulled one back and then thought he had scored a great equaliser but the referee ruled it out for running and we lost 2-1 to the eventual champions.

Dowson also scored in the final match against Eastleigh Blue, but we were held 1-1.

Goalkeeping duties were shared between Brian Mustoe (twice), David Kirkby, Steve Nash and Richard Walker.

Squad: Ian Dowson, David Kirkby, Brian Mustoe, Barry Poffley, Steve Nash, Richard Walker, Eugene Wills and Fiona Willsher.

Final Standings

Serie A
Position    Team              Points    Goal Difference (+/-)
1.)             Hawks              13             +9
2.)             Bournemouth    9              +3
3.)             Eastleigh Grey   7             +3
4.)             Gosport Blacks  7               0
5.)             Gosport Yellows 6             -4
6.)             New Milton         0           -12

La Liga
Position    Team             Points    Goal Difference (+/-)
1.)            Compton        13               +9
2.)            Pompey            9               +2
3.)            Winchester       6                 0
4.)            Eastleigh Blue  5                 0
5.)            Raiders             4               -6
6.)            Salisbury          2                -5




Wednesday, 2 November 2022, Hampshire FA Walking Football Tournament,


Winchester were in La Liga and played five matches of 14 minutes, with no half-time intervals.

Again Winchester struggled to score goals, finding the net only once.

In the first game Hawks quickly went 2-0 up, and then defended solidly for the victory.

Steve Nash scored Winchester’s only goal of the tournament for a 1-0 victory over Raiders. This was followed by two 1-0 defeats to Compton and eventual winners Salisbury who had a 100 per cent record.

Eugene Wills and Barry Poffley shared the goalkeeping duties.

The final match with Eastleigh Blues was a goalless draw.

Winchester’s squad was: Steve Byrne, Ian Dowson, Dave Kirkby, Brian Mustoe, Steve Nash, Rick Parker, Barry Poffley, Richard Walker, Eugene Wills. Supporting were Fiona Willsher and Heather Kirkland.


See squad photo here.

See final standings here.


Wednesday 5th October, Hampshire FA Walking Football Tournament


Winchester won Serie A in the Hampshire FA walking football tournament at the Stoneham Complex on 5 October, the first time in 12 attempts they finished top of the monthly competition.

They played four matches of eight minutes each way, winning three and drawing one without conceding a goal.

Without a recognised goalkeeper Barry Poffley started there in the opening game with Gosport which finished 0-0. He swapped with Simon Davitt for the second against Southampton Raiders in which Eugene Wills scored the only goal.

Wills took over in goal for the third game against Eastleigh Grey when Poffley was on the scoresheet for another 1-0 victory, Winchester playing the last two minutes with only five men after Martin Kukla was sin-binned.

Wills remained in goal for the final match against Southampton Strollers when Kukla atoned for his earlier misdemeanour by scoring and Poffley grabbed a second of the day in a 2-0 victory.

Winchester’s squad of six was Simon Davitt, Jeff Lough, Martin Kukla, Brian Mustoe, Barry Poffley and Eugene Wills. Peter Jennings supported but did not play because of injury.

See squad photo here.

Final standings

Serie A

Position Team                          Points Goal Difference (+/-)

1.)          Winchester               10        +5

2.)         Eastleigh Grey            9        +3

3.)        Raiders                        4        +1

4.)        Southampton Strollers 4        -2

5.)        Gosport                       1        -6


La Liga

Position Team                         Points   Goal Difference (+/-)

1.)          Hawks                      10         +6

2.)         Compton                     9         +4

3.)         Salisbury                     7         -1

4.)         Eastleigh Blue            3         -4

5.)         Bournemouth             0         -5

Wednesday 7 September 2022, Hampshire FA walking football tournament


Winchester began their new season being placed in La Liga and faced five matches of 14 minutes duration.

The first game was against Hawks (Havant). Martin Kukla was sin binned for two minutes for retaliation after he had been clearly fouled and the referee had awarded a free kick. Steve Nash scored almost immediately and the lead was protected until Kukla’s return, but then Hawks equalised and it finished 1-1.

The second game was against New Milton and Kukla quickly opened the scoring and Ian Dowson added a second to secure a 2-0 victory.

Raiders were the next opponents and although we created more chances we failed to score, and went down by a single goal.

The fourth game was against Compton, formerly known as Boorley Green, who we have normally performed well against and this time was no exception as Steve Herbert made several good saves and it finished goalless.

Eastleigh Blues provided the final opposition and they took the lead before Steve Nash levelled, but unfortunately Eastleigh regained the lead in the final minutes and we lost 2-1.

Winchester finished with five points from a win and two draws, while Compton took top spot.

Squad: Steve Herbert, David Kirkby, Brian Mustoe, Steve Nash, Ian Dowson, Martin Kukla, Fiona Willsher.

See Squad photo here.





Wednesday 4th May 2022 - Hampshire FA Walking Football Tournament

Winchester made a promising start in the May competition, drawing the first match 0-0 against a strong Boorley Green oufit in La Liga.

There were five matches in all, each lasting 13 minutes.

Unfortunately we also failed to score in our four subsequent games, losing 1-0 to Hawks, 2-0 to Bournemouth, 1-0 to Magna Pirates and 1-0 to Salisbury.

The squad was Dave Kirkby, Ian Dowson, Steve Herbert, Brian Mustoe, Steve Nash, Rick Parker and Fiona Willsher. Richard Walker supported, but did not play because of a knee injury.

Serie A

Position                        Team                              Points

1.)                                 New Milton                     12

2.)                                 Raiders                           8

3.)                                 Eastleigh                         7

4.)                                 Bournemouth B Blues     6

5.)                                 Gosport                           5

6.)                                 Hawks Originals              2


La Liga

Position                        Team                              Points

1.)                                 Bournemouth A Reds    12

2.)                                 Hawks                            9

3.)                                 Boorley Green                8

4.)                                 Salisbury                        7

5.)                                 Magna Pirates                6

6.)                                 Winchester                     1

Wednesday 6th April 2022 - Hampshire FA Walking Football Tournament

At 10.30 on a cold, wet April morning, Winchester WFC were drawn in the La Liga series of matches playing the following four teams twice: Raiders, Salisbury, Worthing Seniors and Boorley Green. Each game lasting 10 minutes.

The squad comprised Steve Herbert in goal, David Kirkby, Fiona Willsher, Steve Nash, Barry Poffley, Brian Mustoe, Ian Dowson, and Sue Hume on the bench.

In the opening match against Salisbury, Winchester went behind but drew 1-1 thanks to an Ian Dowson goal.

The second match against Raiders saw a great 1-0 win, courtesy of Steve Nash’s goal. We were then beaten 1-0 by Boorley Green and 2-0 by Worthing Seniors.

After a 15 minute breather Winchester were playing four consecutive matches again, losing 1-0 to Salisbury, Raiders and Boorley Green, and finally 4-0 to Worthing.

Serie A

Position              Team                          Points

1.)                      Bournemouth Stripes 22

2.)                      Eastleigh                    11 (-1 GD)

3.)                      Hawks Originals         11(-2 GD)

4.)                      New Milton                  8

5.)                      Gosport                       2

La Liga

Position             Team                          Points

1.)                      Boorley Green           20

2.)                     Worthing Seniors       15

3.)                     Salisbury                    7

4.)                     Raiders                      6

5.)                     Winchester                5


Ligue 1

Position               Team                         Points

1.)                       Hawks                       19

2.)                       Pompey ITC              15

3.)                       Magna Pirates           11

4.)                       Bournemouth Yellows 6

5.)                       Southampton Striders 3

2 March 2022

We had a squad of six, Mike Clarkson, Ian Dowson, Steve Herbert, Brian Mustoe, Steve Nash and Fiona Willsher, as unfortunately Dave Kirkby (ribs) and Richard Walker (knee) were both unavailable.

We were in La Liga, consisting of five teams and we played each one twice in games of 10 minutes. We drew 1-1 with Eastleigh B (Steve); beat Emsworth 2-0 (Steve and Fiona); drew 1-1 with Pompey 'B' (Ian); beat Hawks 1-0 (Steve). We then lost 0-1 to Eastleigh B; beat Emsworth 2-0 (Steve 2).

Unfortunately Ian had to leave to attend a funeral but we managed to take a player on loan from Eastleigh A named Jools, who performed well in defence, but unfortunately we lost our final two games to Pompey B and Hawks, both 0-1.

We played 8, won 3, drew 2, lost 3, goals for 7, goals against 5, pts 11 and goal difference +2.

Serie A

Position               Team       Points

1.)          Raiders                         13

2.)          Eastleigh “A”                 10

3.)          Gosport                          7

4.)          Bournemouth “Blues”     2





La Liga

Position               Team           Points

1.)          Eastleigh “B”                22

2.)          Pompey ITC “B”           16

3.)          Winchester                   11

4.)          Hawks Originals             9

5.)          Emsworth and Hayling   0


Ligue 1

Position               Team           Points

1.)          Worthing Seniors             20

2.)          Hawks                              12

3.)          Salisbury                            7

4.)          Pompey ITC “A”                 6

5.)          Bournemouth “Stripes”      6

2 February 2022

We were unable to raise a team and did not compete.


Serie A

1 Pompey ITC ‘B’ 18pts +13 goal difference

2 Eastleigh 11pts +4 

3 Bournemouth ‘B’ 9pts +1

4 Southampton Striders 8pts -1

5 Gosport 7pts -4

6 Hawks Originals 4pts -5

7 New Milton 1pt -8


La Liga

1 Worthing FC Seniors 11pts +7 goal difference

2 Hawks 11pts +4

3 Salisbury 10pts +4

4 Boorley Green 9pts +2

5 Raiders 8pts -2

6 Pompey ITC ‘A’ 7pts -3

7 Southampton Strollers 0pts -12


12 January 2022

There were two divisions of six and Winchester finished third in La Liga behind Boorley Green, with whom we drew 1-1 and Bournemouth ‘A’ to whom we lost 2-0. We beat Salisbury 1-0, drew 1-1 with Southampton Raiders and beat Emsworth and Hayling Island 2-0.

The highlights/talking points were Martin being sin-binned against Bournemouth and scoring the only goal against Salisbury; Barry’s goalkeeping assist by rolling the ball out directly to a Bournemouth ‘A’ player wearing red/black stripes when we had switched to yellow bibs, being penalised more than Brian for running and also grabbing the equaliser against Raiders; Fiona’s two goals against Emsworth. Not sure who scored our goal against Boorley so apologies to him.

Squad: Dave Kirkby, Michael Clarkson, Ian Dowson, Martin Kukla, Brian Mustoe, Steve Nash, Barry Poffley, Fiona Willsher.


La Liga

1 Boorley Green 13pts +6 goal difference

2 Bournemouth ‘A’ 10pts +2

3 Winchester 8pts +1

4 Salisbury 6pts +1

5 Raiders 5pts +1

6 Emsworth and Hayling 0pts -11


Serie A

1 Bournemouth ‘B’ 10pts +3 goal difference

2 Eastleigh 9pts +2

3 Hawks Originals 6pts +2

4 Southampton Striders 6pts +1

5 Southampton Strollers 5pts -2

6 Gosport 2pts -6




2021 Appearances:

6 Ian Dowson and Brian Mustoe

5 Steve Nash and Sue Hume

4 Dave Kirkby

3 Rick Parker and Mark Pellegrini

2 Martin Kukla; Barry Poffley; Steve Herbert; Richard Walker

1 Bob Armstrong, Michael Clarkson, Dave Neilson, Peter Jennings and Ian Knights.


1 December 2021

Winchester were in a group of five teams and all played each other twice, ie a total of eight matches lasting nine minutes. Unfortunately Richard Walker pulled a muscle in the first 15 seconds of our opening game and subsequently had to play in goal for the remainder of the time. He made several good saves and we drew our first two matches 0-0 against Hayling Island and Salisbury. However, we lost the next two against Boorley Green and Hawks, and I expect we finished bottom although Ian and Barry both scored goals.

Squad: Dave Kirkby, Michael Clarkson, Ian Dowson, Susan Hume, Brian Mustoe, Barry Poffley, Richard Walker.


Serie A

1 Boorley Green 21pts, +8 goal difference

2 Hawks 14pts, +8

3 Emsworth and Hayling 9pts 0

4 Salisbury 7pts -5

5 Winchester 3pts, -9


La Liga

1 Pompey ITC 13pts +2 goal difference

2 Hawks Originals 12pts +1

3 Eastleigh 12pts +1

4 Southampton Strollers 9pts -2

5 Bournemouth ‘B’ 6pts -2

*Hawks Originals finish in second place, courtesy of a better head-to-head record over Eastleigh


Ligue 1

1 Raiders 16pts +5 goal difference

2 Bournemouth ‘A’ 16pts +4

3 Gosport 12pts +1

4 Eastleigh Blues 4pts-5

5 New Milton 3pts -5


3 November 2021

Winchester once again finished second in La Liga. There were seven teams in our division so the six of us played six matches of 10 minutes; but there were no play off finals at the end. We drew our first game 0-0 against Havant Hawks who went on to top the table with 14 points, while we finished with 12. We also drew our next game 0-0 against Boorley Green. We won our next three, defeating Pompey 1-0, Bournemouth 2-0 and Gosport 2-0. Unfortunately in our final match we conceded our only goal against Southampton Raiders, but did equalise to draw 1-1. We each took a turn in goal and our scorers were Steve (3), Ian (2) and Mark (1).

Squad: Ian Dowson, Brian Mustoe, Steve Nash, Mark Pellegrini, Barry Poffley, Richard Walker.



Team                           P   W    D    L  F   A    Pts

Hawks                         6    4    2    0    5    0    14

Winchester                 6    3    3    0    6    1    12

Raiders                        6    2    3    1    6    3      9

Borley                         6    2    3    1    4    2      9

Bournemouth              6    2    0    4    2    7      6

Pompey                       6    0    3    3    0    4      3

Gosport                       6    1    0    5    2    8      3


6 October 2021

Because of a fuel crisis and Covid we were unable to raise a team and so did not take part.


1 September 2021

Once again we finished in second place in our division, having won three and drawn two. One of the draws was against Eastleigh, who finished top, and we conceded the equaliser with about 20 seconds to go. Unfortunately in the bronze place play off we were beaten on penalties, by Bournemouth ‘A’, having drawn the match 0-0. We had all taken turns in goal during the first five matches and conceded only two, but alas in the penalty shoot out Brian was unable to save any shots. Eastleigh lost the play off final 1-0 to Boorley Green who we have beaten twice in previous competitions so we are doing very well.

Squad: Dave Kirkby, Bob Armstrong, Ian Dowson, Sue Hume, Martin Kukla, Brian Mustoe, Steve Nash, Mark Pellegrini.


4 August 2021

To our surprise we actually finished second in our division of six behind Bournemouth ‘C’ and as we had all started taking off shirts and boots we had to rekit. Goalkeeper Steve Herbert injured his hand/wrist in our final game so Rick Parker went in goal for the third/fourth play off place against Eastleigh when unfortunately we lost 2-1, conceding in the last minute when we think four touches were used in the build-up which was missed by the ref. Not sure who Bournemouth ‘C’ played in their play off final or who won the match.

Squad: Ian Dowson, Steve Herbert, Susan Hume, Ian Knights, Brian Mustoe, Steve Nash, Mark Pellegrini, Rick Parker.


7 July 2021

There were two groups of six teams drawn at random and we all played five games. There was no play off between the top two or top four teams from each section; but that is something the Hampshire FA organisers may consider for next time. Once again there was some inconsistency in the refereeing and interpretation of the rules. Winchester finished joint third with Pompey ITC Purple in Serie A. With identical points, goal difference, goals scored (4), goals conceded (5) and finally, having drawn the game we played against each other 1-1 (thus they couldn’t use head-to-head to split us), they had no choice but to award us the same position.

Squad: Dave Kirkby, Ian Dowson, Sue Hume, Martin Kukla, Brian Mustoe, Steve Nash, Dave Neilson, Rick Parker, Richard Tate.


Serie A
1 AFC Bournemouth ‘C’ 11 pts, +6 goal difference

2 Boorley Green 8pts +1

3= Pompey ITC ‘Purple’ 7pts -1

3= Winchester 7pts -1

5 Gosport 6pts -1

6 AFC Bournemouth ‘A’ 2pts -4


La Liga

1 AFC Bournemouth ‘B’ 13pts, +5 goal difference

2 Pompey ITC ‘Gold’ 8pts +4

3 Many Shades of Grey 8pts +1

4 Knightwood 7pts 0

5 Southampton Strollers 4pts -6

6 Eastleigh 1pt -4


2 June 2021

Our squad of eight finished fourth, on goal difference, out of 10 teams in our first Hampshire FA Walking Football tournament at Stoneham Complex winning three, drawing four and losing two. One of our victories was against Boorley Green who were champions on the day

There were a number of teething problems which meant the matches continued until about 2pm (the scheduled finish was 1pm). The early matches were of 12 minutes duration with no half times, and steadily reduced to 10 minutes and finally only eight minutes. Head height rule was not the crossbar but the height of the referee and in our first game he was 6ft 6ins tall so when our goalkeeper Steve Herbert tipped a shot over the bar he awarded a corner. We were later awarded a penalty and the referee said there was nothing in his rules about one-step so Steve Nash duly walked up to slot home our first and winning goal. The referee confirmed that had Steve chosen to run up, of course it would have been disallowed.

Squad: Dave Kirby, Ian Dowson, Steve Herbert, Sue Hume, Peter Jennings, Brian Mustoe, Steve Nash, Rick Parker.


1 Boorley Green 19 pts; +6 goal difference.

2 Eastleigh ‘Blue’ 15 pts +4

3 Bournemouth ‘C’ 13 pts +3

4 Winchester 13pts +1

5 MSoG (Havant) 12pts 0

6 Eastleigh ‘Grey’ 10pts -3

7 Gosport 9pts -1;

8 PITC ‘Purple’ 8pts -2;

9 Bournemouth ‘A’ 7pts -2

10 Bournemouth ‘B’ 5pts -4

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