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The Rules

There are varying rules about walking football, depending on the organisers, the tournament, the venue and the referees.

The Walking Football Association has recently amended its rules regarding free kicks, kick-ins, corners and penalties. The new rule is:

The player may start his/her kicking movement a maximum of one metre from
behind the ball, and he/she will be allowed unlimited walking steps in a
continuous movement towards the ball.


The full, updated Laws of the Game can be found on its website and there is a link here.

Winchester Walking Football Club also follows the rules used at the monthly tournament organised by the Hampshire FA at Stoneham Complex and shown below.




Height Restriction

1 The ball is considered overhead height if it exceeds the height of the referee. An indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team from the position of the player who kicked the ball. If the ball goes over head off of the goalkeeper, the ball is then returned to the goalkeeper as a goal kick.

Goalkeeper Areas

2 Players/goalkeepers are not permitted to enter/leave the goal keeper area. A free kick/penalty will be awarded accordingly.

Free Kicks

3 All free kicks will be indirect. Opposition players need to stand a minimum of 3 metres away from the kicker.

Penalty Kick

4 A penalty kick is awarded if a defending player enters their own box.

Walking Rule

5 Walking is defined as ‘always having at least one foot in contact with the ground’. The referee will award a direct free kick against any player who is seen to be not walking.

3 Touches

6 A 3 touch rule will be implemented throughout; this is to encourage a free flowing game. In the event a player takes 4 or more touches an indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposition

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