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£1,000 council grant towards buying defibrillator

Winchester Walking Football Club have received a grant of £1,000 towards buying a piece of equipment they hope they will never have to use and it will have been a waste of money.

Three Hampshire County Councillors, Jan Warwick, Dominic Hiscock and Martin Tod each gave the club £333 from their share of the community grant scheme to buy a portable defibrillator.

It now sits pitch-side at each training session or match since if anyone suffers a cardiac arrest and it is required, speedy access will be of the essence.

Club chairman Brian Mustoe said: “We knew it was an important accessory to have and the incident in last season’s Euro's involving Danish captain Christian Eriksen highlighted how essential a defibrillator can be when someone has a cardiac arrest. As the majority of our members are over 60 we think we might be glad of it one day and if required it is vital to be able to use it immediately.

“As we are a new club the cost was prohibitive, but when we approached the three councillors who represent Winchester divisions for financial help their response was rapid and positive. We are very grateful to them, although of course we hope we never have to use it”.

Although the defibrillator comes with built-in instructions on how to use it, the club’s first aider Richard Tate, who was instrumental in the purchase, has also delivered a briefing session to most club members.

The club are also grateful to the University of Winchester for previously allowing them to borrow the stadium’s defibrillator each week and which can now remain in its permanent position in reception.

Below:  Chairman Brian Mustoe and first aider Richard Tate with the club’s defibrillator.

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