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Club Calendar

September 2022

Our participation in the Hampshire FA monthly competition at Stoneham restarts on 7th September.

August 2022

Sponsorship agreement with Greens Bar and Kitchen announced.

3rd - Stoneham Football Tournament restarts (WWFC not participating in the first tournament)

2nd Aug - AGM meeting

July 2022

No Stoneham Football Tournament

5th - Committee Meeting 4 – preparation for AGM,

June 2022

No Stoneham Football Tournament

18th  - National Cup Third Round away at Highworth (Swindon). K.O. 11.00 a.m.

May 2022

3rd – Committee meeting 3 – order for new kit begun

4th – Stoneham Football Tournament – last of the season

22nd - National WF Tournament R2: Winchester v Bournemouth 1.00pm, held at Eastleigh Stadium. WWFC win 2-0.

23rd – 1st anniversary dinner at Greens Bar and Restaurant, Winchester. Fourteen members attended.

April 2022

6th – Stoneham Football Tournament

10th – Winchester v Eastleigh National Tournament R1: Eastleigh 1 – Winchester 2

12th – Meeting held in Greens with possible sponsor

March 2022

2nd – Stoneham Football Tournament

9th – WWFC website went live


February 2022

2nd – Stoneham Football Tournament

2nd – Derek organised Club night out at Cart and Horses

8th – Committee Meeting 2 held – discussion about sponsorship and new kit

January 2022

11th – Stoneham Football Tournament

26th – Brian and Sue met to confirm and incorporate amendments to Club Constitution

December 2021

1st – Stoneham Football Tournament

9th – Derek organised End of Term Drinks Bishop on The Bridge, and curry afterwards

12th – Richard Tate came up with new Club Member Form and confirmed new badge design

14th – Committee meeting 1 held

November 2021

3rd - Stoneham Football tournament

16th – Defibrillator training led by Richard Tate

October 2021

6th  - Stoneham Football tournament

September 2021

1st - Stoneham Football tournament

August 2021

4th – Stoneham Football tournament

6th – Brian and Sue at Winchester City FC charity match v Saints Legends on a recruitment drive

July 2021

7th - Stoneham Football tournament

8th - Pre-IGM meeting in King Charles Pub

20th - IGM at university Club-house

June 2021

2nd - Stoneham Football tournament

April 2021

21st – WWFC began playing at university ground

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