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From Tuesday sessions
Compiled by Steve H

Updated as at 4/4/2023.

Teams and result from this week were provided second-hand, so please let me know if there are any errors or omissions.

Yellows won 4-1, their team comprised: DaveK, SteveN, SteveB, Fiona, MickT, SteveL and PeterJ.

Reds were: MickG, Phil, Eugene, Ian, Brian, Simon and John.


Assuming the above is correct, this leaves Fiona still leading by 3 points from DaveK, who is the only logical challenger now, with SteveN 9 points behind with 3 weeks to go..




Scoring - Three points to each player on a winning side. One point to each player in a drawn match.


Table is sorted by Points, then Goal Difference, then Goals Scored, then alphabetically.

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